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Here’s what some of our Mountain View, CA customers are saying about us:

Took my Rav-4 in for a minor leak (that I probably could and should have fixed myself), but I just didn't have the proper resources today (mostly a dry space, shop-vac and an air compressor). They were super efficient and helpful and found the true source of the problem (in the sunroof drainage tray, while I'd convinced myself the source was in the A/C vents). And in the process I learned something new about my Rav-4 (always fun) and now have a place nearby that I can go for the heavy-duty jobs I can't manage on my own. Stoked. Highly recommended and greatly appreciated.

Sarah Sidney CotyGoogle Review

I was introduced to Kevin's by a neighbor and friend a few years ago. It is very rare to see people like Kevin and his team. Just like all the other positive comments you read, I have experienced their excellent service and cost effective repairs. While an oil is a couple of bugs extra compare to discounted jiffy lube service, Kevin's team takes care of other minor touches. They never up sell stuff and never rips off with unnecessary stuff. More importantly, all of cars gets serviced and repair only at Kevin's. Every person and friend I have recommended have all had wonderful experience. They really bring "TRUST" back in the auto repair business. Their honesty and professional work what wins their loyal customer base. THANK YOU KEVIN and Team.

Sanjay PichaiahGoogle Review

Great service! While driving to work this morning, my check engine light turned on. Eek! I found these guys who opened at 7:30am, and so I drove right over. Arriving at 7:19, they were open and happy to check it :). The gentleman ran the code, and determine it was a catalytic converter inefficiency error, and told me he'd clear it, and to let him know if it came back! I was ready to roll by 7:23am, made my day! These will be my goto guys from now on :)

Christine MatheneyGoogle Review

I've always had top notch service here! They are honest, have fair pricing, and give straightforward explanations and cost estimates of repairs. They'll let you know if the repair is critical to safety or just an annoyance that can be repaired later.

Carrie ShakedGoogle Review

Above and beyond great service. Had a catalytic converter installed 5 years ago. Turned out it was the wrong one. No fault on Kevin's as right part was ordered just wrong part sent. I drove around with this part for 5 years. Even passed several smog checks. Finally a eagle eyed smog technician noticed that it was not California approved. I called Kevin's not expecting much since it had been 5 years. To my surprise they replaced it. With no charge for parts and labor.

John RehbockGoogle Review

Very honest mechanic. I have had my car bulbs changed from this location at zero cost. I have had $150 waived from my total bill because I mentioned I spend $60 a day before for same problem. Kevin is just one among those people who are hard to find these days.

Ashish SinghGoogle Review

Fair prices + honest mechanics = an unbeatable combination. As a woman, I've had auto shops try to upsell repairs that aren't necessary. Kevin's staff always do their best to diagnose the problem, and if that doesn't fix it right away, they'll correct the problem at no extra charge. I brought the car in because it was making an ear-piercing noise. Two other shops told me a) nothing's wrong and b) needs new struts. Instead of spending $700 on unnecessary shocks and struts, Kevin's Auto Repair figured out that the rear brakes just needed cleaning and charged me $64 for labor. Been a loyal customer for years, and won't waste my time going to anyone else ever again.

Polly PetersonGoogle Review

Extremely honest, reasonable prices. They've done good work on my older sports car. Always clearly explained what was wrong and never pushed extra work. They fixed one issue, a mysterious rattle that turned out to be a loose exhaust shield, for absolutely free. Definitely will keep bringing my car there.

Curtis MentonGoogle Review

Stopped by Kevins' on my way to work seeking a second opinion and a quotation for repairs on a 1999 4-Runner. The local Toyota dealer said "replace CV-boot" and various front-end bushings. Another local repair shop wanted $65 (non-refundable, not to be applied to service work) just to take a look. After a three minute wait, Kevin (himself) just went out, shimmied under the front wheel area, and checked it out. When I bent down to look too, he held a little mirror and his flashlight and explained what we both saw together. Bottom line - Normal Wear and Tear - slight leak - Monitor but don't replace anything now - maybe tighten a clamp next time I have a service. No charge - no work $ for him - ... His comment when asked... "We don't do make believe here"(!). I now fully intend to be back with real work. He won a new (non make-believe!) customer.

Thomas RyanGoogle Review

Update - 5/9/2014 - Excellent day. My PT being 10 years old developed a jammed Sunroof as well as the A/C stopped working. As it turned out, the roof was just super disgustingly dirty. Kevin said after a cleaning and a lube job there was really no issue with it (agreed, it works like new). The A/C was flat lined. They filled it and used some kind of die that then showed them where my leak was by using a black light. The whole thing seemed very CSI to me and was amazing. They found a nothing sized crack in a hose that was the bleed point. New hose and my A/C is back up to speed.

Kevin and his crew are awesome!

Original - some time mid 2013 Kevin and his staff are the pit crew that keep my car running smoothly. I have used Kevin on numerous occasions for my PT Cruiser from oil changes and smog checks to the replacement of major parts that wore out from my rather over exuberant usage. I would recommend him to friends and will make his utilization non-optional for my family.

John PruittGoogle Review

I am a Kevin's customer for the last four years. I go there for all the car's needs. Most of my friends go there now after I refer them the first time. Every time I got excellent service. They care for cars and are very honest about what your car's condition is and their prices. I bought and sold two cars and Kevin revised them for me. The place is always busy so make yourself an appointment.

Carmen RomanGoogle Review

Kevin's Auto Repair is one of the friendliest place to help you with auto needs. I brought a couple of cars to the shop to check out before I decided to buy or not. They always gave me the honest assessment and a detailed list of potential issues if any. Best part, it is free of charge. Just simply great people providing great service!

Baomin LiGoogle Review

Literally the best mechanic shop I have ever been to in my 16 years of dealing with older cars of mine breaking down. I had a difficult problem that could have cost me thousands of dollars and they took the time to research exactly what was going on and it ended up costing me 20 dollars. After I picked up my car and drove it around for a few days, they CALLED BACK to see if the changes they made worked well and solved the problem. It was awesome! Thank you Kevin's Auto!!!!!

Tessa AndermannGoogle Review

All I can say is that Kevin comes highly recommended by one of my Friends who I've know for 25 years and another Friend of 8 years, both are men and think Kevin is the BEST. So you can't lose by taking your vehicle to Kevin. I've always been very please with Kevin's Auto and would recommend his shop to anyone, and I do actually to all my friends and people at work.

Denise O'DellGoogle Review

I've been to Kevin's shop at least 4 times in a last few years.
This is not a place for you if you are looking for:
1. Fancy waiting room
2. Sleek "assistants"
3. Overpriced parts and services

However if you in need of top notch mechanic that loves and cares about cars and you like to deal with down to earth, straight to the point people, you won't find a better place in the area. Here is why I love this shop: They drive me home and back so I don't need a ride or wait there for the repair. Their prices are very reasonable. I always check prices in a couple of places before taking a car for repairs and I always find Kevin's offer the best. At my last oil change Kevin cut the price of the job, (which was without the discount lower than the competition), and I never asked for the discount. My last repair was for a shaking wheel while braking at the high speed and oil leak. When they brought me back to the shop I got quite a shock. Tony said the repair was free. According to Kevin it was under warranty. I have to say that I really appreciate it. My car is old and even if they could get a warranty on the parts they replaced, they still spent significant time on the work itself. This shows you people that proud of their work.

Evgeni SorokinGoogle Review

Kevin's Auto Repair is consistently good. They do a good job and take care of their customers. I've been going there for years and see no reason to go anywhere else.

Paul MantylaGoogle Review

The service here is INCREDIBLE. Kevin has delivered outstanding value to me as customer over and over again. He has helped me keep 2 cars going over 200,000 miles. He is an expert at making repairs that save money.

Steve GibsonGoogle Review

The best service for your BMW might be here. Fast, cheap and people who understand what they do.Highly recommended!

Cemil YatkinGoogle Review

Love Kevin's, they always do a great job keeping my old car running and have great customer service!

Julie FarmerGoogle Review

Kevin and crew completed a 4 wheel brake job on my Honda by 9am, out by 3pm..even let me post date a check to cover the cost since it was a safety issue and needed immediate attention a few days before payday..what more can you ask for..?! :)

Jimmy JonesGoogle Review

I have just got tire rotation and mechanical check done here. All for free! And they did the work very carefully and professionally. My tires are old (more than five years), but still have lots of tread. They checked the conditions of the tires and gave me honest advice on how much more time I can ride on them and when I should change them. Very good service! Thanks!

Yu LiangGoogle Review

I have been going to Kevin's Auto Repair for over a year now. He came to me recommended by an acquaintance who had been taking her car to him (and only him) for over 10 years. I have continuously found Kevin and Tony absolutely top notch. I am always satisfied with their assessments and work on my car. Customer service is also right up there. I have never written a recommendation for a mechanic, but felt so strongly to get this word out there. He truly is what you would want in a mechanic. Don't look for any grandiose hoopla with a silver screen to greet you. This is a small, straight forward business and building holding a staff that is hard-working and loyal. I highly recommend Kevin anytime. Kim

A Google UserGoogle Review

I'm not sure how helpful this would be, but: a friend of mine recommended that I take a used car I was looking into purchasing (1998 Toyota Corolla) to Kevin's Auto for a standard checkup. Kevin is awesome - he's straightforward, no BSing or butt-kissing, and he is prompt and efficient at his job. So are the other people who work there, they all know what they're doing. The thing that I am impressed most with is that, when Kevin was looking at my car, he was telling us that he's worked with Toyotas for DECADES and that he absolutely loves them, just conversationally - and I think that says a lot about the quality of work he does, because he obviously loves cars and getting his hands into them. There are so many body shops out there that try to get you to fix stuff you don't have to fix, or buy extra of this or that or overcharge you because you don't know any better - but Kevin will give you everything straight.

A Google UserGoogle Review

Came over at lunch and Kevin swapped out my broken bulb for a new one - free of charge. Great service, really fast, classy guy.

A Google UserGoogle Review

Best shop in the bay hands down!

A Google UserGoogle Review

I have been taking my car to Kevin for a number of years. Above all he is Honest and very reliable. I just had my brakes and oil done. He also does a good job on the overall check up. Overall very satisfied as usual.

A Google UserGoogle Review

fair and honest, patched a tire for me last year, was in and out in 10min with no appoinment

A Google UserGoogle Review

5 Stars!

Maria Filsinger InterranteGoogle Review

5 Stars!

Sumithra BashGoogle Review

5 Stars!

Luping LinGoogle Review

5 Stars!

Seongbae ParkGoogle Review

5 Stars!

Paul DuPuyGoogle Review

5 Stars!

Chengu WangGoogle Review

5 Stars!

Damon KohlerGoogle Review

5 Stars!

Alex IlievGoogle Review

5 Stars!

Mala AgarwalGoogle Review

5 Stars!

A Google UserGoogle Review

5 Stars!

A Google UserGoogle Review

5 Stars!

A Google UserGoogle Review

This was my first visit to Kevin's, wanted to get my corolla oil changed, break light bulb change, health check and smog.

Place is opposite to Costco MTV, very close to 101-Rengstorff exit, Intute, Google, Linkidin ...

Over all : Very Good, I cant say excellent as its was first visit.

People : Mechanics are pro's with cars, they did things in a perfect professional order and speed.

Place : It's a big workshop inside, don't go by the image on the profile :) , the waiting place is clean and well maintained, has some interesting books and papers to spend time if you are waiting.

Cost: They gave me split up estimate of who much it will cost for the all things together, I asked for discount, they totaled it to fair price and Kevin add some more discount in last . One thing I liked when I was waiting : One of the customers was returned an amount of 100+ some change because they repair/spare costed less than estimated, that good.

Srikanth KanukolluGoogle Review

Fair prices

Ramesh GurramGoogle Review

4 Stars!

Jeff ThurstonGoogle Review

4 Stars!

Rach MaheshwariGoogle Review

I went to Kevin's twice so far and have been very, very satisfied with their work and friendliness.
I brought in a car I was going to purchase to get a check up and see if it's worth buying it- the whole procedure took an hour and I didn't get charged anything. talk about customer service! Excellent!
Because of my first great experience I went back after two of my lights broke. They had to special order my headlight, which took a little, but they kept me updated on the process and I knew what to expect.
After an hour I was out of there and he didn't charge me for the labor since my headlights were very pricy and he was being super nice. I can only recommend this place. They are fast, professional and really care about the customer.
I will be back!!!

Julie K.Yelp Review

Between our two cars, we've been to Kevin's Auto a handful of times in the last couple years. I have been very pleased with the excellent work and level of service here. My car's repairs have been done as promised, and the prices are fair. There was one time I did have a little bit of an issue with something, and the technician was polite, nice and made things right. I couldn't ask for anything more. I will continue to trust them with my car repairs.

Stacy A.Yelp Review

Everyone I worked with from the front desk to the mechanic were awesome! I brought in a used car for an inspection, and everyone was helpful from accommodating a quick appointment to pointing me to a local smog check station (since they were full). Another pretty cool thing is that they didn't charge the car inspection even though I was expecting to pay for it.

Wilson L.Yelp Review

Like lots of others here, I went to Kevin's Auto after I saw the great reviews.

I had done some work on my own, but when it came to replacing one part, everything I heard heard about the process was right--nearly impossible to remove one of the bolts that held the part in place.

So at this point the job had exceeded what my tools and skills were capable of.

I made the decision to just have a mechanic do it because I figured what I would spend on tools would be the same as what I'd spend on a mechanic. And I also envisioned myself ruining some other parts at the expense of getting this one $20 part out...

I made an appointment with Kevin's and it took less than 15 minutes to finish. They got it done while I was in his waiting room--which has free wifi BTW.

Even though I had come in with the part, which cuts into his bottom line, he gave me an amazing discount on the work. Really amazing...

Looks like he's a fair guy with respect for his customers. Definitely give him a try.

Dave L.Yelp Review

In and out in 10 minutes, fixed my problem and didnt even charge me. Tony and the others were very helpful

Tony H.Yelp Review

They gave me a good recommendation when they were too busy to go and see Dean's Automative. They did a great job. Thanks for the help !!

Mike J.Yelp Review

I have been going to Kevin's for over three years, based on his excellent Yelp ratings. I have never had a better, more ethical mechanic. His team goes more than the extra mile to fix my old Corolla, and his prices are very fair. I enthusiastically recommend them!

Pat M.Yelp Review

I commute between SF and Palo Alto, which makes car repairs a huge hassle. So when my car wouldn't start in San Jose, it added to the logistical mess. Based upon recommendations from friends, I had it towed to Kevin's in mountain view. They diagnosed the problem quickly, gave me an accurate estimate for the time of repairs, and Fiona was very knowledgable and patient with my questions. I'll go out of my way to come back when I inevitably need more repairs.

Stacy D.Yelp Review

Didn't know what was the problem that caused my oil leakage, so I bought my car to Kevin's Auto Repair. Since there were so many great Yelp reviews about this place, and it's one of the shops that opens early, I decided to give it a try.

When I got there at 7:57 am this morning, I was the only customer there. The mechanic immediately brought my car into their shop and lifted it up to check where the oil leak was from. It turned out that the oil filter was not done properly from the place I got my oil change. He helped me fix the filter, and even changed the oil.

The entire process took less than 20 min, and it's free of charge! I'm really happy with the service and will recommend anyone to try their service.

Christie L.Yelp Review

I've been going to Kevin's for about 2 years now. They are reliable, honest, and efficient.

Josh J.Yelp Review

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